Tuesday, July 17, 2018


True, Terrence met most of Marla's mothers requirements, such as he had a job, a car and no permanent criminal record, but she remained reluctant to let her daughter go with him when she saw that his shirt was untucked...
An almost disappointing Christmas was at last made special when Fran├žois wound up receiving from Roger the special doggie cologne he'd been hoping for: Hydrant.
Jerry had long heard about the retaliatory squirrels living in the grove near his house, but finally found out the hard way how vicious they could be when he was dinged in the shoulder by a large, bullet-like acorn!

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Everyone was so excited about Heidi's thirteenth birthday and the cake that Mrs. Glasur had baked and decorated... except Gunilla, who was jealous that on her tenth birthday she only got a 10" chocolate two-layer.
Sonja and Carol braved the icy roads and snow drifts to get down to Grand Union for provisions. Not only was it double coupon day, but grape juice was $0.97 per gallon!
While Mr. Garner and his daughter Mariette were discussing which of their cameras would take the best pictures, mom Margaret was already winning with her Minolta by snapping one that looked as if flames were jutting out of Jim's head!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Sylvania and Gertrude were so happy to have finally reached their girls' getaway destination of Sanibel Island, Florida, though some of the other guests in chairs next to them did complain about the level of shade that their hairstyles were creating...
The Hendricks were a tad reticent about having members of their son Marshall's band, Four Dog Night, over for a visit during their tour, but happily none of the homes artwork, furnishings or glassware was in any way damaged. Just an oil spot on the driveway from their Volkswagen minibus...
With both her parents out of the house for their weekly cribbage game with The Khrohns, Genevieve had no help at all getting into her costume for the annual Miss Buttercup Pageant and nearly missed the opening ceremony until she was finally able to properly fasten her pantaloons!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

July 4th, 2018

A belated Happy 4th of July to all my readers. Sorry that I missed a post on Tuesday, but there's one in that spot now.  Too busy with all the swimming, cookouts, etc... that go along with the holiday! Back to the grind now...


Marvin had strenuously requested a table with a view when he took Virginia and the girls to the Kahawleah Grill, but he couldn't escape the feeling that they were pulling one over on him...
As captain of his dodgeball team, Gregg was horrified to find that he's accidentally packed the wrong swimsuit for the finals out at Koch Lake, but as it turned out, his tan lines were enough of a distraction for the other team that his own guys won hands down.
Until Private Slocum finally showed up with the whisky, the guys were petrified that they were going to have to make due on their one free weekend with the Pepsi-Cola that Joan Crawford had dropped off on one of her goodwill tours...


Francie enjoyed her owner Miss Duvey's new couch cover and it was a good thing, because the clueless old woman had misunderstood once again Francie's barks and brought home a rawhide chew that was at least three times the size she'd requested...
Mr. & Mrs. Provost had their doubts that Rufus was truly ill and, thus, couldn't head to Obedience School. They suspected he was trying to fool them into letting him stay home and watch reruns of "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" and "Lassie" on television...
Theo was happy enough living with Roger, but sometimes felt awkward when Roger would gently chide him for shedding so much. After all, it was Roger who was truly offloading the most of the hair in the household!

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Annette's parents began to realize that they spoiled her this Christmas so instead of letting her play with everything they'd purchased for her, they gave her one toy a day to enjoy while all the rest lay droolingly out of reach...
Having already witnessed The Village People steal their thunder and take the music industry by storm, their far less known predecessors, The Borough People, opted for an edgier sound and more rough-hewn looks, though it was to no commercial avail.
It was such a hot one the day that Johnny and Frank met Doug at the pier that the two visitors didn't even take time to change into their suits and plunged in wearing only their underpants!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Then, just like that, Rabbit Hash Community Players ended their run of "Brigadoon" and prepared for the next epic on the schedule, "Oliver!"
Myrleen loved hanging out on sweltering days with her husband Bert and the kids in their family pool and the best part was that she never even wound up getting her bathing suit top wet...
Rodney knew when he got home from school and saw two purses in the living room that Aunt Bernice was visiting and that dinner was going to be uncharacteristically wonderful that evening!

Thursday, June 21, 2018


Some of the neighbors were more than wary of Sabrina, The Pre-Teen Witch, but her parents were certainly grateful to her for, with just the slightest twitch, she was able to turn their trusty old black & white television into one that broadcast in living color!
And so it was that Stefanie determined what she'd expected for weeks now. Her recently purchased Tussy underarm deodorant was not doing the trick the way that Secret had and it was beginning to affect her social life.
Arthur wanted to take part in all the exercises and calisthenics that his father Bob did, yet seeing as how repeated headstands had seemingly worn away Bob's hair, he thought twice about heading down that same road himself...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


It was to Carol Rice Henkins' credit that she could still muster a smile after the prior week's incident in which a front wheel came off during a turn, causing her to chip a tooth...!
Mona and Vivian were stoked about their "girls trip" to Cabo San Lucas and were certain to pack not only one dazzling tropical shirt after another, but also three wigs apiece!
Once Snow White married Prince Charming, things became a little unglued around the dwarfs' house. Six of the seven began to act out with drinking and sexual shenanigans (Sleepy wanted no part of it and took many naps...)