Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Having opted for such a slinky top for her sojourn through the desert, Deborah was grateful to come upon a soothing aloe plant, though wending her way through its thorns was no easy task!
At the annual Porkopolis lunchmeat convention, Oskar was disappointed in the amount of spices found in his company's pepper loaf, so he decided to take matters into his own hands!
So Jeanette had a thing for pink (right down to the liquid soap she used.) So what? At least she didn't have her bathroom done over in chartreuse like Harriet, next door, wherein a person was apt to vomit inside after closing the door...

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Barry Beigshe tried so hard to incorporate the colorful ways of Lynette into his life, but in the end there were simply too many differences between them for it to last beyond a couple of months.
And so an otherwise boring party sprang to life when Robby and Leesa leapt to their feet for a spirited dance during Meco's disco "Theme from Star Wars." Unfortunately, this ultimately resulted in the demise of Robby's mom's porcelain teacup collection...
Chad, Joaquin and Kevin enjoyed their day of snorkeling tremendously with the one caveat; they couldn't yet figure out how to breathe through the apparatus and slurp Michelob at the very same time, so they had to take frequent breaks...

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Although the morning had started out prettily enough, the forecasters down at channel 11 had called for pop-up rain showers, so Vera Sue made certain to use plenty of super, extra, hard-to-hold unscented at Great Aunt Leatha's graveside funeral service...
Private Junchins loved sleeping in that extra 7 minutes each morning, even though it always meant that he'd be stuck with only the smallest and most flimsy of towels come shower time.
Thanks to the lifeguard shortage in the spring of 1943, Hilton Head beach took the unprecedented step of trying to grow some of their own, though this batch wasn't quite ready by Memorial Day weekend as anticipated. They were fully ripened and in uniform, however, by June 12th.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


At long last Ruby finished the crocheted bed-jacket to coordinate with the afghan she'd done two months prior. If only she'd thought ahead to de-claw Pericles...
For the anniversary of their first date, Natalie Ann wanted to commemorate that fateful morning when Randall stopped into the Thrifty Grifty and chose her cash register with which to pay for his Pabst Blue Ribbon. So she slipped into something comfortable and used a can of the stuff to beer batter some zucchini for dinner.
Trying to snap a quick shot of the family was tough enough, but ever since Rembrandt put on several extra pounds, Elaine struggled to hold on to him while Aunt Fran diddled around with the camera!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Tony and Norb had everything ready for a weekend of fun: the motel room, the booze, the folding chairs for the front stoop and the Spanish Fly. Now all they needed were some nubile passersby...
Charlie Chaplin's third marriage was so brief (annulled within two days after an impromptu ceremony in Tijuana) that most biographies don't even include it, even though his bride Nevinia received a healthy settlement of $15,000.
Regina loved stopping by for a cup of Sanka and all the latest neighborhood dish, but this time even her own usual level of expectation was outdone by the news of what was going on between Mr. & Mrs. Mennage and their renter Terrence!

Thursday, August 3, 2017


One last cast photo of the 1953 East Berlin children's TV show H.R. Punchinstuff, whose four episodes were rerun multiple times a day for 17 years (and are now available on a Region 2 DVD.)
Initially, there were those who scoffed, but in a short period of time Ming Lu Portrait Photography was up and running, providing some of the most appealing and attractive pictures that its clients ever owned. The payment option of a bundle of bamboo shoots was also a plus!
The town of Bent Rock, Alaska had a female population of only four in the 1960s, so when the community theatre put on "South Pacific," a dream came true for Stanley because he was cast as Nellie Forbush, narrowly beating out fellow auditionee Stella Claghorn.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


On their way to the Metallica concert Rico, Serge, Matteo and Guy stopped off for a quick supper of Budweiser and Marlboro before proceeding the rest of the way to the venue...
As they prepared for the Cherry Blossom Junior High Spring Fling, Carole couldn't help but wonder several things: what it would be like to slow dance with Paulie, what sort of kiss she'd receive at the end of the night and, lastly, what Paulie looked like under his bangs...
Mrs. Connor decided that since she was robbed of the chance at a gymnastic gold medal, her little boy Bart would make up for it, so she started him early. Unfortunately, she started him right near a spot where her dog Piddles had made a little boo-boo on the wall-to-wall carpeting.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


In what was a first for the city of Morrell Park, Philadelphia, type-1 diabetic bride Denise insisted on a wedding cake made of liver pâté instead of the usual, sugary, frosted confection...
Maid of Honor Veleka was worried enough about wearing satin on the big day for fear of wrinkles, but was becoming further distressed after having to repeatedly squat down for posed pictures prior to walking down the aisle!
The ceremony had been long and even a bit tiresome and the appetizers scant thus far at the reception, so Leesa, Anton and Giselle eagerly awaited the ritual sacrifice if only for something interesting to do...

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Arthur didn't like to leave the house on Friday evenings because both of his favorite TV programs were on simultaneously and he was reluctant to miss either one, but Raelynn forced him into his tux just this once because she was being honored with the "Belle of the Month" award through the Daughters of the Rural Southeast.
Best Man Herman had to remind Laurette that the agreed upon wife-swapping with bride Sue Ann and groom Roger wasn't supposed to begin until the newlyweds returned home from their honeymoon in Bermuda!
None of the children on the wooded tram excursion felt like listening when Mr. Samuel Peepers insisted that they keep their heads inside the car at all times, lest they be struck by a branch, even though he knew of whence he spoke from when he did it as a kid!

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Brunhilde was the first one to give Chef Sylvia Stockhorn's egg white, vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice depilatory formula a try and she was mostly thrilled with the results, including the fact that it reduced the appearance of liver spots.
Inspired by early attempts at traveling breast cancer screening, Dr. Helena Lubenstein instituted a mobile prostrate-checking unit that proved popular for several years.
And so, on the last day of July, Private Hanes stepped outside for the first time without his obligatory tank-style t-shirt, providing his fellow servicemen with gales of laughter (except for those who thought he was still wearing a white one!)