Thursday, April 20, 2017


Rae Jean, Bert, Phyllis and Ralph had a great dinner at O'Halloran's and couldn't wait to show off their new polyester finery at the Fourth of July fireworks extravaganza, but found out the hard way how synthetic fabric reacts to falling cinders...
And so Ranger Bill discovered once again that no matter how friendly they might seem upon first meeting, one still mustn't ever trust a wild bear in the forest...
Celebrated novelist Paul Gallico was lauded for his novel (turned movie) The Three Lives of Thomasina, but neglected to offer credit to his occasional ghostwriter Socks.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Though it started out innocently enough, over the course of time, Reynard the Chimp eventually swapped placed with little Andrew and live a life of pampered bliss while Andrew was donated to a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in error!
File Photo: The last known picture taken of the diving board at Bentcrick Lake. Thereafter, people had to either jump from the landing or wade into the water below...
Charnelle looked forward to her new job as cashier at Happy Jack's Hamburger Shack, though she couldn't deny that after a couple of weeks in, her pom poms began to collect grease on them...

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Fellow revelers at The Step Up lounge and package liquor store at first thought it was very gallant and nostagically romantic that Benji and Stu were drinking from some lucky lady's shoes... until they saw that the shoes were size twelve and that Benji was in sock feet!
Bryan wanted terribly to be just like his Uncle Dan, which is why one day he cut off much of his sister Kellie's hair and adhered it to his face with Krazy Glue, much to the horror of his mother, not to mention the nurses down at the Emergency Room.
Vietta felt her chosen holiday dress lacked flair, so just before heading over to Ray and Cecilia's house for the party, she opted for a festive headdress that would brighten up her look considerably.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Great pains were taken to suppress this information in the 1940s, '50s and beyond, but as a matter of fact, Albert Einstein was once arrested as a young man on a morals charge.
True, an afternoon at the shoreline was fun and all, but Martha Downey saw no excuse to let chores go by the wayside, so she often brought along a few delicates to wash, letting them air dry in the spokes of their beach umbrella.
If the truth be known, Jerry, Clint and the other guys really weren't all that fond of Frank as a person, but none of them could deny that he was handy on those long camping trips because no one else was able to serve up the beef and wieners the way he could!

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Just as the photographer down at d'Rhea Studio snapped this shot of The Runson children, little Elyse (center) discovered the effects of stewed prunes on the digestive system. Brother Norb was the second one to realize what had taken place...
Thrilled as she was to make the cheerleading squad down at Bent Valley Junior High, Kellie Karbe nonetheless had her parents file a complaint because she was always relegated to the bottom of the pyramids when she really wanted to climb on top and shake her pom-poms to the crowd!
And so LouAnne, Merle, Veronica and Tommy nearly missed their excursion on The Mohawk because Tommy wasn't aware of the dress code and had to have his mom run a shirt down to him before they could embark!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


On Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 till 6:00, Margaret helped work in the fabric department down at Ben Franklin, leaving Herschel to watch the kids. Often, if they became unruly, he'd pile them onto his 'cycle and drive them over to his sister Annette's for part of the time...
Lt. Bordon considered this crime scene, in which Tommy Lewis' dismembered head was found next to his body on the beach, to be one of the most gruesome ever, yet even he had to concede that it appeared as if Tommy died happy!
Virgil was so proud to have been asked to ride along in the Cincinnati Reds' Opening Day Parade with his local tow truck and figured that Ronetta (along with Snowball) would make the perfect accessory in his passenger seat.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


For the next shower game, involving a necklace made of baby cups, Myrna had to keep expanding the length of it until she could be certain it could make its way over Sally Ann's hair!
It was a real banner day for Flossie. Not only did her friends throw her the most splendid bridal shower for her upcoming nuptials to Woodrow, but it was also the day that her first Social Security benefits check came in the mail!
Felice was a bit nervous about the strength and support capabilities of the sexy lingerie she received during her bachelorette party, especially since Tamara had purchased it before Felice's recent breast augmentation...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


What started out as a happy Christmas for Dorothy Gayle was seriously tempered by having this poorly mounted light fixture slip through the ceiling and bean her on the head during "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear."
And so The Hawkins Family dropped off the briefcase containing $25,000 at the edge of the dock and sure enough, 20 minutes later, there was little Louise safely deposited back at the lagoon, thus ending a terrifying weekend at Pirate's Cove...
Regardless of the fact that they'd all begun together four years earlier, this was the night that the other members of Acid Head decided that they were going to have to let Gladys go because her musical taste was headed in a whole different direction than theirs.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


The Copplegates, despite being a prominent part of the sleepy little town of Fourncaite, Nebraska, took part in almost no social activities or hobbies at all... outside the home.
Reggie was a superstitious one, with a special fondness for numerology, so after already having succeeded in stock car racing and softball, it was a horror to him to join the local basketball league and be handed number 31 on his jersey!
Timothy had a total blast during his four-day jaunt to Tijuana and especially couldn't forget the day he trotted into town and picked up this sombrero (which happened to come with Emile as an added bonus!)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


And so Leoda sat waiting patiently for her blind date with Arthur, who'd clearly neglected to inform her that he was escorting her to a Sterling Silver Dinner Dance at which participants were encouraged to wear shades of black, white and gray...
Poor Wendell just didn't have the wind in him any more to blow out 94 candles, so after a few spittle-strewn tries, he began patting them out with his hand!
Tad had one hell of a time at Garrison's bachelor party, but having woken up on the fire escape of a pawn shop, with no shirt, shoes or wallet (!), he realized he was going to have a thumb a ride back to his motel.