Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Family portraits of Emily Ann and Rodney were always a bit unusual since they didn't care to stand still for long. And, in this one, Emily Ann tried out a new rendition of the game "Duck, Duck, Goose!" on her brother...!
Initialy, she was enraged that Carlos wanted to drive to Ezra and Janine's wedding with the top down on their convertible, but when Evelyn realized she had a hat that matched her purse and a strip of leftover dress fabric, she compromised and added to her ensemble accordingly...
Julie Marie's 24th birthday almost proved to be her last, but it did teach her not to light a couple dozen candles right next to her bottle of Cutex nail polish remover!

Thursday, June 20, 2019


Upon his first return home on leave, Private Slocombe had to admit to himself that the professionally-airbrushed, wallet-sized photo of Denise that he carried with him was quite a bit more captivating than the real thing...
Tiddles loved it when Richard and Vonda spent time in their pool and on the bridge and patio because it temporarily removed any blame for little puddles and wet marks in the area...
Georgia's transformation of service station manager Clem into her ideal date was nearly complete. She'd taken him to every good store in town for shirts, suits, shoes and even a good haircut. Only one key element remained...

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


What Marc spied in the lifeguard changing room gave him quite a start, not to mention quite a decision to make... report what he saw or join in?!
Felice saw that the lawn was still damp and didn't want to spoil her dyed-to-match shoes before the Ladies Easter Egg Dyeing Brunch, so she asked Ronnie to pitch in and get her over the car.
Troy asked Suzanne over and over again to step away from the plane before he started the engine or she'd wind up going from a Marlo Thomas to a Mia Farrow thanks to the jet intake!

Thursday, June 13, 2019


For some reason, Barbie was having a hell of a time containing Rascal, the Jack Russell-Fox Terrier mix that her ex-boyfriend Jim had given her as a puppy right before he split...
Timmy and Roger loved it when Uncle Cliff came on vacation with the family because they could always coerce him into playing Jonny Quest with them, with Timmy as Jonny, Roger as Hadji and Cliff as the heroic Race Bannon.
Sister Mary Herman and Sister Joan Melville liked to break with tradition on Saturdays and take one of their parishioner's speedboats out for a zip along the water, getting a closer look at some of God's creatures in the process.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


After her narrow escape from Kong Island, Jessie took an assumed name and began working as a bunny for The Playboy Club. However, in a startling turn of events, Kong donned a dress shirt (per the dining room policy) and took her by surprise one night!
Happy as Rowena was to have Gil back home safe after another tour of duty, she realized that, for a few weeks anyway, she was going to have to forsake his cousin Randy...
Fun as it was to dismantle a piece of the ferry and turn it into a chapeau, Garry soon realized his error when the island policeman turned around to witness the vandalism and soon took him to the nearby jailhouse to cool down and sober up!

Thursday, June 6, 2019


Part of Audra's rehabilitation at the New Dawn Reform School for Girls was to take part in work-study program. She chose modeling, though after this initial shoot she began leaning towards demonstrating tools & hardware more than fashion...
Out at Aunt Hester's Cowgirl Ranch for Pending Divorcees in Reno, Nevada, she couldn't understand not only why so many of the gals had a lasting interest in horseback riding, but also why the lessons with Buster seemed to last for the better part of a given afternoon!
Becky worked hard on her magic act for the Briarwood Talent Show and Seafood Brunch, but the only thing that truly disappeared was her boyfriend Roy after he got a good look at her trunk-like legs in this costume...

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


The first thing Terrence did to draw Frankie in was "forget" to bring two blankets to the beach. Next, he made sure to tune into a radio station that played plenty of Julius La Rosa, Paul Anka and Al Martino...
Susan was desperately tired of watching her charges, Cindy and Jimmy Casey, so she took a few minutes to lay train track that would only lead one way, over to Mrs. Schottheimer's house where they'd have a hard time escaping before an hour or two had passed...
Thanks to a sudden burst of river current and a raft slightly underinflated by Harold, Estelle had to make one of those emotionally demanding life choices: Save the beer or save the hair!

Thursday, May 30, 2019


Leoda was a stickler for things symmetrical and in their proper place. She liked her pictures even, her lamps facing east and her men, like Chester, horizontal...
Mrs. Breyer warned Alura over and over again not to pose in her tulle ballet costume so close to the rose bushes and, in fact, thanks to all the snags it suffered, she was relegated to the third row on the night of the big recital.
Chipper didn't trust Mrs. Greene to fetch the correct Ken-L Ration dog food from the local Piggly-Wiggly during her weekly trip so he hopped up on ol' Bullet with her and rode along so he could supervise the shopping!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Stevie turned out to be quite the hero at the Groesberger house. When he saw that Todd was about to open the utensil drawer when held serving forks, carving knives and other deadly implements, he pressed his young charge up against the cabinets until Todd's mother could come and spirit him away.
Valerie took one swimming lesson from the hotel's instructor Tonio and liked it so much she asked for and was granted another private lesson that evening after the pool was officially closed and there would be fewer distractions.
Brenda Kate was instantly irritated when she posed for a photo at Disneyland with Myron and the young man who was manning the camera looked at his own dad and said, "Hey, look, Pa... there are three Matterhorns in this picture!"

Thursday, May 23, 2019


Happy Memorial Day 
from Krazy Kaptions!

Leo spilled a bit of red wine on his trunks while entertaining Loretta, but he hoped she'd either not notice or not mind...
At first Mary Ann was petrified to have been captured by the cannibalistic headhunters, but soon she found that they threw some rather festive parties, not that she got to enjoy her first one all the way to the end...
Regardless of how descriptive his account was, and it became more and more animated each time, Barbara simply wasn't going to believe Stan's story about the sea monster he discovered while snorkeling that morning!
Klaus got up early to go looking for shells along the shoreline, but all he found were some mussels...
Clayton had the misfortune of scheduling his annual camping trip direct after a train carrying pallets of Lipton tea bags had derailed up river. Nevertheless he tried to enjoy himself the best he could... THE END!