Tuesday, March 21, 2017


And so Leoda sat waiting patiently for her blind date with Arthur, who'd clearly neglected to inform her that he was escorting her to a Sterling Silver Dinner Dance at which participants were encouraged to wear shades of black, white and gray...
Poor Wendell just didn't have the wind in him any more to blow out 94 candles, so after a few spittle-strewn tries, he began patting them out with his hand!
Tad had one hell of a time at Garrison's bachelor party, but having woken up on the fire escape of a pawn shop, with no shirt, shoes or wallet (!), he realized he was going to have a thumb a ride back to his motel.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Once back at their room in the Snor-'n-Roar Motor Lodge, Jeanine began to feel the effects of the oysters on the half shell that Garry had ordered for them at the nearby Captain Peg Leg's Catchery... and he was pleased as punch about it!
Bath day at Camp Carlisle took place at a river near enemy territory, so a guard (such as Theodore Murphy, proficient in Judo) always had to be stationed close by.
Every Friday afternoon when his step-mother Berniece came to fetch him from his mother Sheree, little Timothy felt torn.  Sometimes literally!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Bruce never got to take a nap alone whenever he wore the t-shirt he usually cleaned trout in, Tippy loved it so.
Regine and Clint enjoyed a quick pose by the courthouse sign on their wedding day, even realizing that they'd be back in a mere four months to register their baby for a Social Security card...!
And so yet another family portrait of The Towsills was marred by the fact that young Garrett still hadn't given up sucking his thumb.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Although it made the yearbook staff at Weatherwax Middle School positively apoplectic, Baxter insisted on having devoted pal Bruno in his class picture right along with him!
Tensions ran high at the 2nd Annual Mr. Tijuana Contest as the four finalists segued from the swimsuit competition the all-important high-dive finale.
Regardless of the fact that Mr. Polk had told Dirk to treat his little girl with the utmost respect, once he saw Shirley in her revealing bathing costume, he felt no choice but to try to cop a quick feel on the way to the water...

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


During his first morning as the official greeter and Swim & Play, Blake got ever so many offers to play, but almost none to swim!
Dessert time at Frankie's place was always an adventure since his white chocolate mousse was utterly irresistible, yet he steadfastly refused to put out any utensils with it!
Knowing that she greatly preferred to leave through her back exit versus dealing with the melee out front, several savvy neighborhood kids would stake out Joan Crawford's rear alley in the hopes of securing a pat on the head and and maybe even an autograph from her.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


The Feltons will always recall 1975 as the year Tangie won the 4th Annual Jawbreaker Challenge at Bryant High School. For her trouble, she got to keep the next highest size in the contest, which she is still working on to this day...!
Merlynn, Phyllis, Roberta, Agnes and the other ladies were initially tentative about securing rooms for the Northwest Music Teachers Association conference at only $8.00 each, but  it wasn't long before they discovered a fun use for all the extra change they saved! (And Phyllis even claimed that her rheumatism was helped by all the vibrations.)
The first day of second grade brought out a lot of crisp new clothes on the students, but Lisa really did it up in style! And, surprisingly, none of the other girls hated her for her extravagance because she was so good at heart.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


One lesser-known episode from the story of The Three Little Pigs is that after the Big Bad Wolf blew two of their houses down, the second little pig and the wolf actually spent one turbulent, but passionate, month and a half in an oceanside condo until restraining orders sent the porcine half of the couple to the third little pig's house!
Far from being jealous of that year's Prom King & Queen, Nelson Thomas and Amanda Franklin were absolutely overjoyed at having been voted Mr. & Mrs. Bunsen Burner by the junior class for their work in the science lab.
Sylvia never got the same enjoyment out of watching "Sgt Bilko" as her husband Freddie did, so she would often choose to turn the chair away from the television set and admire her artwork, recently acquired on a brief trip to Peru.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


After assessing the situation from her guest bathroom window, Mrs. Snaptackle called up the office of Ground-Grinder Landscaping and told them she felt they mat have sent two too many workmen to pour her driveway...
Chet knew he wanted to enjoy one of the Mardi Gras street parties, but he also knew he had to be at work at 6:00pm, so he wore his uniform (as a bar back at Ben Dover's Cafe) to the party and could duck out around 5:50, still making it on time!
And so Kenneth realized that even though his Best Man Chuck had promised he was completely over his long ago dalliance with the bride Kathleen, her charisma was just too overpowering for Chuck to ignore.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The Duncan-Roberts condominium complex (at the corner of Allen St. & Guillerman Drive) determined that their security personnel should match the casual, but stylish, attitude of the place, so they gave Levon a $200.00 "uniform" budget for use at Van Leunens.
Inside-Out day at Jenner Elementary allowed the students to learn a great deal about what was lurking underneath the clothing of their classmates, especially since the kiddos were instructed to wear the undergarments of the opposite gender!
Elyse fell in love with her shower bouquet, made from all the ribbons off her many presents, and could hardly believe that her friends had somehow managed to match the exact color scheme of her 1974 wedding: yellow and blue and green and red and lilac and peach and lavender and...

Friday, February 17, 2017


Veronica actually liked the little layette that Christine had given her at her baby shower, but there was no way Connie was going to let her off the hook. She'd seen that very item on 70%-off Clearance at Ben Franklin and was sure to point it out!
Herbie Pratt loved to dig for oil in the back yard, much to the disdain of his mother Barbara, though she overcame her apprehensions about it stopped complaining once he located a gusher and later wound up as president of the Mobil Oil corporation!
Rex was so determined to be the first one into the water on Memorial Day Weekend down at Rock Bottom YMCA that he bounded across the fence and into the pool... only to find that they were still filling it!