Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Bobby usually didn't mind being a human pawn in his Grandpa Fisher's life-sized chess game out back, but as he was now the only piece left on his side, he was being chased around the "board" to an extreme degree!
Benny had his biked jacked up with all the latest accoutrements including a rear-view mirror and even a vanity license plate on the back, but after one particularly sudden stop, he found that there might be an issue with the placement of his horn...
Jack liked nothing better than to spend the night at Grammy Evelyn's, though sometimes if she became too hopped-up on Pepsi-Cola, she would tickle him to the point of near-gagging before bedtime and he'd have trouble falling asleep!

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Walter was upset at the annual Christmas gathering at his mother Mabel's house because he knew she always gave each grandchild a $5 bill and he was two kids behind even though he'd married Cheryl before Chet had met and married Suki...
Jeff loved showing off his snowman costume for the upcoming O'Halloran Middle School Christmas Pageant, but unfortunately he backed up to the fireplace a little too closely this time and most of it was destroyed.
Andy took pleasure in frolicking on the floor with his nieces and nephews during visits to his sister Cara's house, but unfortunately this tended to make Arfie the dog a bit jealous...!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


One could always count upon The Reardons to make a memorable entrance to the annual Yellow Springs Frolic and Pot Luck Luncheon...
Clarence could hardly believe his luck at having the family's summer bungalow situated directed next to that of famed ballet star Maxim Accosta! After Accosta showed him some key positions on the back patio, Clarence returned the favor by showing Max some memorable positions in the back bedroom!
Thousands turned out for the annual Bumford Arts and Athleticism Parade, in which Randall was forced to maintain a smile for 1-3/4 miles even though Jarrod had gotten a little careless with his vaulting pole on the Drake High School track & field float!

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Angelica positively flipped over the beaches of Monaco during her long-weekend trip there. Fortunately, her chaperone Aunt Ida was on-hand to help get her straightened back out.
Vlad was so excited to be invited to his coworker Randy's Friday night cocktail party at his apartment in the Village, but realized shortly upon arrival that he had come far too overdressed for what was actually a very casual, even quite rural, affair.
And so Raggedy Ann finally got around to listening to Andy's answering machine message that he was dumping her and taking her arch-rival Strawberry Shortcake to the New Year's party at Teddy Ruxpin's house.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


So many people asked Garry just how it was that he was able to keep his reputation as THE coolest guy of 1973 and his answer was always the same: "It's as easy as Pi!"
The key to all of Chester and Raymond's successful backyard barbecues was that Chester always manned the grill, never leaving it for a moment, while Raymond was in charge of all the side dishes which, on this occasion, included seasoned rice, guacamole, tortillas and refried beans.
Mervyn's monthly hunting trip got a real sock the time co-worker Jesse tagged along. Not only had Jesse heard about Mervyn's well-stocked wine cabinet, but he's always wanted to try to back himself a buck...

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving  from Krazy Kaptions!

Horace couldn't believe that not only was he not getting one of the turkey drumsticks, but also he was going to be deprived of a sip of white wine. Thus, he had to make do with a slightly scorched corn muffin and some of his mother Carolee's dry stuffing.
Having worked for three years in a Peking office, Filbert liked to mix it up a bit with his holidays once he was back in the States. So he coordinated Chinese decor with his traditional Thanksgiving favors. It was something of a success, though several of his guests weren't completely on board with the turkey stir-fry.
And so the annual Munsing Junior High Thanksgiving Pageant got off to a rather giggly start when a couple of the Pilgrims realized that Uncas the Indian brave had neglected to wear anything under his loin cloth...!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Sherman knew that all of his other naval buddies on Fiji were likely going to be wearing traditional grass skirts to Luthor's Saturday night get-together so he decided to really wow them with a surprise green-glitter job he'd saved up for and purchased from one of the few local shops.
True, most parties tended to have a congregation form in the kitchen, but Velda was so keen on showing off her new "Autumn Moment" shower curtain (with unseen matching towels) that, this time, the bathroom became a focal point for conversation.
While other toddlers seemed not to worry about what they wore or how they looked in general, Geneva struggled with every conceivable angle. Thus, when it came time to prepare for Timmy's second birthday, she agonized over whether to go with the blonde bouffant or mix it up with a dark brown shag...

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Archie didn't ever mind when his owners Pete & Marsha went out and left him alone for stretches of time, but, since their return from the French Lick County Fair when they brought home carnival game prize Yvette, he was beginning to feel edged out...
Even though they finally had a record that reached 87 on the R&B Billboard chart, you could already see the discontent and discord forming on the faces of Peach and The Melbas, often stemming from either billing or costuming.
When Clarice called the front desk during her stay at The Frolic Motel to report that her TV wasn't working, the last thing she expected to find after emerging from the shower was repairman Ramon, shirtless and hovering near her bed!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Captain Speettraup couldn't get anyone passing through Coconut Palms to obey the speed limit, so he enlisted Karen and Patrice to create a reason for drivers to slow down.
Norbert's therapist informed him that on dates his winning personality just didn't seem to be coming across properly, so he began to use props that might help him to show off his dazzling smile...
Fun times at The Flingerton family reunion at Wallenda Park until Minnie (in front) suddenly got up to grab a drink and Hortense (behind her) wound up on the other side of that nearby wall!

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Rex, Sheriff of Rhodes, Nevada, was darn tootin' proud that he could appoint his son Clifford as his deputy, but until the city kicked in a tad more money to the budget, there was only going to be one hat which they had to share for the time being...
Patty didn't wish for new Orlon dining room drapes on her birthday, but, after she tried to blow out her many candles and some of them toppled over, that's exactly what she needed!
Bernice and Jerrod Farvheimer seemed so nice and ingratiating at the Liberty Woods Memorial Day picnic that Alice never for a moment suspected that the drink they offered her was spiked...!