Thursday, June 22, 2017


Alan couldn't believe that Monica made him sit through two consecutive showings of "The Poseidon Adventure" and when they got home, she was still in the mood, reenacting the capsizement to the best of her ability down in the finished basement.
Privates Haines and Loomis were thrilled that their buddy Corporal Munsing's (only partly visible) mother sent a care package of safety razors, cigars and chocolate, but still no jockey shorts...
Viveca couldn't have been more pleased that Ronnie finally took her out to the new fine dining restaurant The Washington, but was horrified afterwards while taking this photo in the lobby because the rose bush snagged not only her new poly-rayon gown, but the back of her wig, too!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


And so Agostina learned the hard way not to sit for a portrait with her older sister Philomena while holding onto a liverwurst finger sandwich, for a millisecond after this shot was taken, Bertrand snapped up the sandwich and very nearly part of her hand with it!
Arnie was so proud to earn a badge for his marksmanship that it almost made up for his near-miss in botany and abject failure at flower-arranging...
Helena listened intently as Mr. Paris' secretary informed her that he was still in a meeting and not seeing anyone, though she knew in her heart that there were no circumstances under which she was leaving the office without confronting him over the way his parked car had bent several blades of grass in front of her adjoining gift shoppe...

Thursday, June 15, 2017


All the neighbor kids thought it was so kind of Mrs. Geddes to allow them to cool off in her in-ground swimming pool, but one unfortunate side effect was the fact that she often thawed out various items (like this leg of lamb) IN the pool while folks were wading!
Harriet made it a point to get exercise on her vacations and took a huge swim during a visit to San Diego. Unfortunately, one of the inlets she breaststroked through led right into the middle of a Sea World exhibit and she had to paddle for her life from an orca!
Marty loved his new lifeguarding job on Waikiki Beach, but had one serious issue with unusual tan lines once he'd completed his first week in the sun...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Following her first set at The Brass Room, Aquavinia was invited over to Lenore and Bernice's luncheon table but, as evidenced here... just for coffee.
And so, in a bizarre twist of fate, Agnes Ann finally stopped by to meet Harvey and Joellen's swinging bachelor friend Ted on the very day that Harvey caught "Old Billy," yet she didn't take note that Ted and Billy weren't one and the same!
Terry was pumped that his new job laying pipe at The Sand Dollar Hotel allowed him to catch some rays at the same time, making it the perfect summer job!

Thursday, June 8, 2017


On hot July days in Yellow Springs, the neighborhood girls would sport their best bathing finery and play in the garden with a hose. Lynnette joined in nonetheless, but was always sensitive to the fact that she retained so much water...
Leon thought it would be a neat idea to explore the nether regions of Florida even further to at last locate the Fountain of Youth, but he became understandably distracted once he spotted Serena.
Georgina didn't even want to come to Huffy's Tavern to celebrate Grandma Elsie's birthday, but things got even worse when she wound up at Cousin Fern's table as Fern was notorious for her mistreatment of the waitstaff.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Bud Earl had tried a lot of Benedryl & Bourbon cocktails on fellow attendees of the Rockville Tool & Die convention, but Greg was taking longer than just about any of the others to pass out...
All the eagerness that Stanley felt when his mother Ruth and Aunt Charmaine declared that they were going to redo his old bedroom withered away as he came home from college for the weekend and discovered that they didn't mean they were doing it for HIM!
Clarice tried to keep a stiff upper lip when Dr. Winger informed her that she needed to wear glasses full time, but she fretted over the fact that they seemed to accentuate one of her worst features...
Bonus Pic: A congratulatory shot of Freeball High School's regional championship swim team. They overcame the hurdle of three myopic members (one of who - Myron Clevenger, dead center - briefly swam into the opponents lane during a relay and almost lost the race until he was knocked back over where he belonged!)

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Arabella couldn't believe that Jerry was on his way over to pick her up for their date and she was still futzing around over which of her ponchos would best coordinate with her new trousers from Sears.
Although she tried hard to be friendly and put Lt. Trevor at ease, he still couldn't quite relax having Tisa trim his hair after what he saw her do to the prior subject, Corporal Guthrie...
As luck would have it, just before one of their rare nights out on the town, Francois lifted his leg onto Ann's party dress, causing Andy and her to have to stay in and order Chinese delivery for dinner...

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


The Colonnades Beach Hotel was very exclusive. So exclusive that they often wouldn't even let their own paying guests back inside the lobby if they weren't dressed in the requires fashion!
What ought to have been a happy birtheday for Eloise was spoiled when Bertram took a hefty slice of cake down the hall to Miss Harriet Petticatt before Eloise had blown out her candles - or even seen it!
The grand opening of Zayre's was cause for celebration as Margie had been wanting a daughter to take home to Steve for several years now and lo and behold they had them at 40% off!
Hoping you had a very happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Thursday, May 25, 2017


True, it was inconvenient for Ethel to arrive at the community pool an hour and a half prior to opening, but, as she'd discovered the hard way, it was the only way to guarantee that she could get in line for a Sno-Cone at the snack bar and be assured that they weren't out of groovy grape flavoring!
Stewardess Gwen couldn't believe some of the big babys she had to deal with in business class, especially during return trips of men who'd been at a tool & dye convention!
It was definitely tiresome trying to get Lumpy house-trained and he had many an accident in the process. Louise tried to keep to the couch with her feet up, but Grandpa Sam finally took to wearing boots all the time.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Anson was so excited to add another pet to the family and decided to call his hamster Richie, but when Rex and Monica looked into the cage, all they saw was LUNCH!
At first, everyone seemed to like Angelica's new boyfriend Buddy pretty well, but their opinion shifted somewhat when they witnessed him screaming at her across a parking lot to "Get your can over here, right now!"
Frenetta Sugartiche usually liked to spend time indoors, but could occasionally be coaxed out onto the patio for a spirited game of ping pong before bedtime.