Tuesday, January 15, 2019


No matter how many times she'd endured it, Ventura could never understand was took Dale so long to get ready... She was dressed and prepared to leave while he dilly-dallied in the bathroom and she was petrified that Claghorn's was going to run out of stone crab before they got there.
Betty Jean never could stand her old pool man Nestor so, once her husband, who'd initially hired him was deceased, she took matters into her own hands and began using Phillip instead.
Shantal adored the new art piece she'd gotten as a present from her latest beau Antonio, but it didn't really go with anything in her bedroom except her satin pajamas, so she began to think about repainting...

Thursday, January 10, 2019


She took four weeks to fully make up her mind, but in the end Veronique determined that the discount eyeliner she picked up at SuperX was every bit as effective as the designer brand she had previously been purchasing from Elder-Beerman.
One thing Andy Dockerty disliked about his last name was that he always wound up seated behind Terrence Crackworthy during the alphabetical seating in lifeboat drills aboard the U.S.S. Bottomdrop...
One of the downsides of Kent, Jerry and Howard all going in on one motorbike together was that during instances when they all wanted to head somewhere at the same time, it could be not only crowded but also tough to stay balanced on the road!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


And so it was that Frank and Freddie faced the same problem with their towel on the beach as they did with the bedsheets at home... not enough for both of them!
Clay desperately wanted to have his way with Ernestine right there in her living room, but he still bore painful memories of the last time he tried it and slid off her new couch onto the floor...
Private Peters and Private Fallis were dared to go to the camp shower room, spy on the Major through a crack in the aluminum and then report back to the gang what they saw...

Thursday, January 3, 2019


G.W., Jon and Clayton each thought they had a real shot at scoring the cowboy spot for The Village People auditions, but they weren't counting on Randy Jones sporting ass-less chaps during his song while they all kicked back in the green room awaiting their turn at bat...
Alexander thought he really had a great invention when he came up with the pool lounger that simultaneously dried one's wet hair after a dip, but one too many short circuits (usually when kids jumped in) led to an early demise of the Aire-O-Float.
Holster's held their annual Miss Big Gun pageant and here we find 2nd runner-up Bonnie Barker, who missed the top spot by only a close shave...

Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Happy New Year
from Krazy Kaptions!
Amanda was happy enough to pose for a quick snapshot, but in the back of her mind was how all the crab claws were likely to be gobbled up if she and Herman were any later than ten minutes to the Jaycee's New Year's Eve bash.
Stan didn't really want to be at the Fabricator's Union New Year's Eve party, but Jill liked to get dolled up and attend. He was "requested" to smile for this quick shot if he intended to have any sort of happy 1977...
The Bernsteins ran out of champagne saucers just before Jessica got any so she improvised the best she could at midnight.
BONUS PIC: Although his heart was in the right place, Bernie eventually realized that with a trumpet, a flag, a tambourine and other items, he'd really overdone it with the props, leaving his turn as Baby New Year a considerable misfire...

Thursday, December 27, 2018


Howard somehow got the idea that paper-training would make a good transition point from diapers to toilet, but Elise wasn't really getting it (but sometimes during accidental moments, Howard did!)
Dominica decided to go all-in on her Hawaiian vacation and purchased two grass skirts down at the marketplace which she was able to fashion into one closer to her size for the hotel's Saturday night luau.
Char was excited to show off her her crocheted vest, which was based on the very same pattern found in her wicker-backed rocker, albeit on a larger scale. But after all that handiwork, she also eagerly welcomed a cold beer and the chance to kick her shoes off.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018


 Merry Christmas from
Krazy Kaptions!

File photo: The last known photo of Celestina Velveen, who happened to visit Santa Claus while the regular one was on a ten-minute coffee break and and unknown replacement filled in without permission...
Stu was so late in requesting a Santa Claus for the annual VFW Holiday Party that all he could come up with was his Uncle Clyde in a rather cheap costume, but after the keg was hooked up, few of the partygoers wound up minding much...
Judith found out that her baby girl Mary Rose responded better to inanimate Santa Clauses than the ones in a chair at the shopping center, so she had her husband Matthew pick one up for the living room.

Thursday, December 20, 2018


After Rudolph's red nose went out and the other reindeer were just plain exhausted, Santa had to rely on other unusual means of transport in order to get remaining presents out to the city of Clearview, Oklahoma...
Having vigorously shaken the box for several minutes, Taffy was already convinced that there was no cat inside as requested and, thus, was disappointed before she even undid the ribbon on her gift.
Helene didn't like the way traditional holiday trees left stray pine needles all over the floor, so she enlisted the aid of Arnheim to create the first Christmas bamboo pole, complete with candles...

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Early that morning, the guys congregated as close to the women's activity area as they were permitted, but by afternoon they were beginning to forget what the point was and began to become content by themselves...
Mr. Stu D. Baker became a bit of a novelty in the neighborhood, not only for his choice of clothing on car wash day (Saturday), but also because once or twice a month he forgot to make sure all the windows were rolled up before hosing on the pre-rinse!
Technicians down at the motion picture lab were always trying to push new boundaries, like the time Eddie put some 3D glasses on Raymond and asked him to let him know when he was getting too close...!

Thursday, December 13, 2018


As a born Confucianist, Tony had never known much about Christmas nor shown the slightest interest in it, but after seeing several presents under the school library's tree with his name on them, he was beginning to come around!
And so it was with feverish excitement that the finals in the ladies swimming relay were ready to begin at the 6th Annual Pompano Beach Open.
Regina found out the hard way that her date for the evening, out-of-town cutlery salesman George Swanson, had a ferocious foot fetish...!
Bonus Pic:  Having realized their mistake the previous weekend, Stan and Cliff made certain to allow their inner thighs to get some sun this time during their morning at Spreadfire Lagoon.